Research activities cover the areas of Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, Multi Phase Flows–Spray dynamics and Combustion, with application in the fields of Aeronautics, Energy systems and the Environment. Research is mostly financed by the EC, but also the industry and from National Research supporting agencies.

The lab is currently participating in the EC Network of Excellence on Environmentally Compatible Air Transport System (ECATS). The Laboratory is a member of ERCOFTAC and EASN Academic Research Groups.

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– Publications

Multi-sensor hot wire anemometry Turbulent flows are characterized by the presence of fluctuating vorticity. This is a key feature that distinguishes turbulence from other stochastic fluid motions. Direst measurements of the velocity gradients and the [...]

Interaction of a co-rotating vortex pair The vortical system shed by aircrafts, especially big ones, is a hot issue since it’s affecting the capacity, the safety and the environmental impact of the air transport system. [...]

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