Georgios Paterakis


Dipl. Eng., PhD candidate, Research Associate

Phone: [+30] 2610 99 7249, 694 75 63 986

Paterakis Georgios is a Research Engineer specializing in the combustion field. His research activity has been focused mainly in reacting and non-reacting turbulent flows. Particularly, his work includes several topics, such as bluff body flows, stratified and premixed flames and ultra-lean combustor operation, with applications in energy production, environment, and aeronautics. Also, he has participated in national and international projects. Furthermore, he has been co-author and translation supervisor of academic books related to combustion and engine operation.

Selected Books

Co-author of chapter «From Pillars to AI Technology Based Forest Fire Protection Systems », for open access book “Artificial Intelligence- Applications in Agriculture and Bio-system Engineering”, IntechOpen, (Open Access books), ISBN 978-1-78985-454-1

Co-Author of the Greek e-book “Εισαγωγή στις Βασικές Αρχές της Θεωρίας και της Τεχνολογίας της Καύσης”- “Introduction to the Theory and Technology of Combustion: Basic Principles”, 2015, ISBN 978-960-603-288-2, (site:, Hellenic Academic Ebooks

Selected Projects

Forest Monitoring System for Early Fire Detection and Assessment in the Balkan-Med Area,

Selected Publications

Paterakis, G., Politi, E., Koutmos, P., “Experimental investigation of isothermal scalar mixing fields downstream of axisymmetric baffles under fully premixed or stratified inlet mixture conditions”, απόδεκτό από το περιοδικό «Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science», Volume 108, November 2019, Pages 1-15,

Paterakis G. and Koutmos P., “Effect of Modulation of the Inlet Velocity and Equivalence Ratio Gradients on the Stabilization of Stratified Axisymmetric Bluff-Body Flames,” Journal of Combustion, vol. 2018, Article ID 6581345, 10 pages, 2018.

Banyon, C., Rodriguez Henriquez, J.J., Paterakis, G., Malliotakis, Z., Souflas, K., Keramiotis, C., Vourliotakis, G., Mauss, F., Curran, H., Skevis, G., Koutmos, P., Founti, M., “A comparative study of varied in-cylinder reaction environments on swirl flame geometry and luminescence intensity”, Fuel, Volume 216, 03/2018, Pages 826–834

Karagiannaki Ch., Paterakis G., Souflas, K., Dogkas E., Koutmos P., (2014), “Performance evaluation of a model swirl burner under premixed or stratified inlet mixture conditions”, Journal of Energy Engineering (JEE), 10/2014;

Souflas, K., Paterakis G., and Koutmos P., (2015), “Investigation of disk stabilized propane flames operated under stratified and vitiated inlet mixture conditions”, Journal of Energy Engineering (JEE),

Paterakis G., Souflas K., Dogkas E., and Koutmos P. ,(2013), “A Comparison of the Characteristics of Planar and Axisymmetric Bluff-Body Combustors Operated under Stratified Inlet Mixture Conditions”, Journal of Combustion, Volume 13, Article ID 860508,

Koutmos P., Paterakis G., Dogkas E. and Karagiannaki Ch., (2012), “The impact of variable inlet mixture stratification on flame topology and emissions performance of a premixer/swirl burner configuration”, Journal of Combustion, Volume 12, Article ID 374089,